Make One-on-One Meetings More Effective

One-on-one meetings with your direct reports often feel more stressful and disorganized than they need to be. A few simple steps can make them more productive and collaborative:

  • Pay attention. Turn off your phone and email, and focus on the person in front of you. Not doing this will make your employee feel disrespected.
  • Form an authentic connection. Show your employee that you care about her well-being. Ask about family or weekend plans, or share an anecdote from your own weekend.
  • Create positivity. Compliment the employee on something he did well, and explain why you value that contribution. Focus on his strengths.
  • Ask for objectives. What does the employee want to get out of the meeting? Asking her to articulate it will lead to a more productive conversation.
  • Keep it light. Don’t be afraid to smile or laugh. Most of us take work far too seriously.

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