Study Less Study Smart by Marty Lobdel

Break study time into short sessions

  • How long could we stay focus? 25mins.
  • Study longer time doesn’t mean study better.
  • When efficiency starts to slide, total break and enjoy.
  • Plan something special after the study is DONE.
  • Study efficient could be better from practice

Dedicated study area(仪式感)

  • Bedroom, dinning table or living room are bad ideas
  • Library is best, study room is better
  • Use a dedicated lamp for study

More active more effectively

  • Change from study fact to study concept: from what to how/why
  • Put the concept in your own word: Feyman method
    • Try to explain the concept with plain words to someone doesn’t have the same background as you do
  • Make new concept meaningful: create a new entry, connect with the things you already know.
  • Best way to learn is teach someone/something else
    • Re-enforce your knowledge
    • Speak out loudly to something is also helpful
  • SQ3R: survey, question, read, recite, review
    • Survey brings up questions
    • Read with questions
    • Recite: keywords, take notes
    • Review: review your note right after class


  • Study groups
  • Highlight everything = highlight nothing
  • Recognition != knowledge, need to change new facts into concepts, and put new concepts into personal knowledge web
  • Get better sleep to consolidate knowledge
  • Take notes, AND take a moment (5mins) after class to flush it out (review immediately)
  • Mnemonics: interacting images (weirder the better ;p )

Created: 2016-01-12


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