Register-based SRAM Read Circuit RTL Example using “generate”

Some parameterized example RTL code for register-based SRAM read circuit using “generate” feature

Parameter d = 32; // FIFO depth

Parameter w = 64; // FIFO data bit-width

logic [w-1:0] mem [d-1:0]; // FIFO memory array

logic [d-1:0] rwl; // 1-hot read word line


// read circuit using “generate”

wire [w-1:0] word_or;

genvar width, depth;


for (width = 0; width < w; width++) begin: rbit

wire [d-1:0] bit_or;

for (depth = 0; depth < d; depth++) begin: rmux

assign bit_or[depth] = mem[depth][width] & rwl[depth];


assign word_or[width] = |bit_or;




reg [w-1:0] idout;

always @ (negedge CKB) begin

idout <= word_or;




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