Note of “Deep learning for image and video processing tutorial”

By Jon Shlens and George Toderici from Google Research @ 2017-01-20 Fri

  • History
    • Convolutional NN: old tech, why suddenly it works?
      • Scale: 60M parameters
        • At least 60M +1 data point to fit these parameters
        • SIMD hardware (GPU)
    • Domain transfer
      • Use trained CNN (with large data set) on some other applications with limited data set
  • CNN (convolutional neuron network)
    • Toy model of a neuron
      • Sum over weighted input + nonlinear activation function to output
      • Very little relationship with real neuron
    • Softmax classifier
    • Learning: cross-entropy loss (cost function)
      • Gradient descent with back-propagation
      • Optimization is HIGHLY non-convex, and works on O(1M) dimensions
    • Baseline task: MIST
      • Handwritten digits recoginition
      • Problem: input image size could blow up with more pixel
    • CNN arch fundamentals
      • Pre-choice parameter
        • Size of the filter
        • Stride: overlapping while sliding
        • Padding: what to do at the edge
        • Input depth / output depth (< 1024)
      • Learned by system
        • The parameter inside the filter
  • Advances in network arch
    • Types
      • AlexNet
      • Inception
      • BN-Inception
      • ResNet
    • 2 parts
      • Convolutional
        • Less parameters, more computational intense
      • Fully connected
    • Themes in inception
      • Network-in-network
        • Dimension reduction
      • Multi-scale
    • Covariate shifts
      • Batch normalization (BN)
  • Image embedding and captioning
    • Embedding vs classification
      • Embedding: out-of-box information
    • Language model
      • Not words, but a sequence of words
    • RNN (recurrent neuron networks)
      • State is a function of previous state and inputs
      • Training
        • Unrolling trick
      • Long short term memory (LSTM)
        • Popular RNN
  • Predicting in Pixel Space
    • Autoencoder: dimension reduction tool
      • Convolution encoder and decoder
      • Deconvolution: upconvolutions
  • Video
    • Hard
      • Computantional intensive
      • Dataset is hard

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