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Custom digital design in Marvell

Why use custom design? Latch: we use latch-based design to minimize the overhead of a regular D-flip-flop, and do timing borrowing from stage to stage easily. Regular placement: fully control of cell placement is very suitable for DSP blocks which has regular data path, and we can minimize the local cell routing. Normally standard cells … Continue reading Custom digital design in Marvell


Reading Note of “Closing gap between ASIC and Custom Design”

Chapter 1: Custom vs. ASIC 1. Microarchitecture pros: better pipeline cons: less choices (ASIC can compare different microarchitecture choices with much less effort) 2. Timing overhead pros: latch-based pipeline 3. logic style pros: dynamic logic 4. logic design pros: more layout aware (ASIC is catching up fast with adoption of DCT, and can try out … Continue reading Reading Note of “Closing gap between ASIC and Custom Design”